The New Guardian Drain Lock Round and Square Floor Drain Locks make replacing your existing grate for a Smith, Zurn, or Josam floor drain quick, simple and, as an added plus, saves you money!  Remove your damaged Smith, Zurn, or Josam Floor drain grate, and simply replace the grate with a Guardian Drain Lock Round Floor Drain Lock, which only has one center bolt to lock and secure down. Installing a Guardian Floor Drain Lock saves you money as you don't need to replace the Floor drain housing or Drill and tap out broken screws. Simply remove the Existing Floor drain and replace it with a single lockable Guardian Floor Drain Lock and, when it is time for scheduled maintenance there is no worry about breaking, stripping, or losing tiny screws down the drain. The bolt to the Guardian drain lock is part of the assembly unable to be removed or lost. You can quickly and efficiently unlock and remove the entire 1 piece assembly for servicing and restore to its original and secured home in seconds.