Guardian Drain Lock Dome-D-Lock

Guardian Drain Lock

  • Locking Floor Sink Dome Drain Lock

    Prevents debris from entering drain lines preventing clogs

    Floor Sink drain locks using tamper proof torx bolt No Assembly required, easy to install.

    Dome design allows water to flow despite debris build up in the sink

    GDL-DOME-2000 - 2" Dome-D-Lock

    GDL-DOME-3000 - 3" Dome-D-Lock

    GDL-DOME-4000 - 4" Dome-D-Lock

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  • Dome-D-LockTM is another quality built Guardian Drain Lock product designed to withstand the ultimate abuse within high volume restaurants but simple and affordable enough for anyone to install and use. Made with glass filled polypropylene base, cast aluminum dome top, brass nut, and a tamper proof pin-n-head stainless steel bolt, this product is best in class not compromising on material and design. The Dome-D-LockTM is a self-contained drain lock that does not require assembly, training, or a plumber to install. Simply insert the Dome-D-LockTM into the floor sink drain and ratchet tight the Torx tamperproof bolt. Install time is as quick as 10 seconds. Dome-D-LockTM comes in 2", 3" and 4" sizes designed to prevent debris from entering the drain lines that would have otherwise caused clogged and damaged P-Traps (due to repeat clearing of a drain by a plumbers snake). Preventing rags and floating debris from entering a grease interceptor which can lead to blockage as well as interruption of business due to a drain clog are additional benefits by Dome-D-LockTM .