Guardian Drain Lock Round Floor Drain-Lock

Guardian Drain Lock

  • Guardian Drain Lock Floor Drain-lock Round

    Easily replace your existing grate without costly repairs

    No need to re-tap screws or replace the entire housing underneath.

    No Assembly required, easy to install.

    Features Nickel-Bronze Tops. Only a #45 Torx bit can unlock your drain grate (Torx bit sold separately)

    Smith Style - GDL-RFD-3500-S 4.70"

    Josam Style - GDL-RFD-3500-J 4.65"

    Zurn Style - GDL-RFD-3500-Z 5.00"

    Download The Round Floor Drain Spec Sheet

    Download The Floor Drain Instruction Guide

    Download The Guardian Drain Lock Product Guide

  • The Guardian FLOOR Drain-Lock replaces old, broken, or stolen drain grates with an identical drain cover that features our patented locking system. Your typical drain cover can easily be removed with a screw driver, but this Drain-Lock requires a unique tool so that only the appropriate staff can remove the cover and access your facility drains. Prevent thieves from stealing your floor drain grates Prevent staff or night crews from removing the drain grate so they can stuff trash down your drains Perfect for floor drains in restaurants, food processing plants, factories, restrooms, walkways, and construction sites. Available for square or round drain grates