The Guardian Drain Lock is a new innovative device designed specifically for Commercial Floor Sinks and Floor Drains to protect Unwanted Debris from clogging and backing up your plumbing lines. Floor sinks do not come with the ability to screw or lock down strainers and staff and night cleaners are constantly removing and even throwing away these strainers allowing debris to pass through the pipes. This leads to clogs in your drain lines, and plumbers often find silverware, plates, plastic, ramekins, straws, avocado seeds, lemons, rags as well as the smaller debris get stuck within the P-Trap or worse, somehow seem to make their way past! Guardian Drain Locks Prevent Your staff from forcing debris through your drains, thus saving you time and headaches from costly expenditures. The Guardian Drain Lock is, Easy to Install Within Seconds, Tamper Proof and Unbreakable, Lockable From your Kitchen Staff - Manager Keeps The Key, And Leads to - Lower Risk of City Fines, Decreased Maintenance of Your Drainage System, and Preventative Jetting, Decreased Risk in Insurance Claims, City Fines, Increased Productivity of Staff to Focus on Their Job and Not Backed Up Drains, Changed Behaviors by Kitchen Staff to Use Best Cleaning Practices

  • Prevents Damage to P-Traps from Cabling
  • Prevents Clogs and Decreased Plumbing Expenses
  • Cuts Down On Solid Waste
  • Prevents Floating rags/bags from Blocking Pipes
  • A #40 Tamper Proof Torx bit for 2" or #45 for 3" can unlock your Drain Lock (Torx Bit Sold Separately)