Guardian Drain Lock DUO 2 in 1 Basket - 2 Piece Commercial Floor Sink Sediment Strainer For Easy Removal And Protection Of Drain Lines

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  • Multiple Finger Pulls to Easily Retrieve Both The Nesting Basket and Straining Basket

    Saves Operators Time And Allows For Easy Retrieval And Clean Up Of Debris

    2 - In - 1 Extra Heavy Duty Design Ensures Sediment Can Be Extracted While Leaving The Primary Basket In Place For 100% Drain Protection

    Top Strainer Catches Large Debris While The Lower Basket Sifts Out Smaller Sediment

    Compatible With The Guardian Drain Lock Dome D-Lock and Hybrids

    Duo Basket Spec Sheet Round

    Duo Basket Spec Sheet Square

    Guardian Drain Lock Product Guide


  • Guardian Drain Lock DUO 2 in 1 Basket is a new product that fits over your Guardian Drain Lock Hybrid or Dome D-Lock Drain Lock. The new basket features a 2 piece straining design that allows commercial kitchen operators to quickly and easily remove debris and sediment from a floor sink. The 2 in 1 basket is durable, made of glass filled polypropylene and features alternating strainer sizes with the top basket designed to filter larger particles and the bottom basket to filter smaller particles of debris. This is for use in floor sinks basins to collect sediment and debris for food processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores, and any place that utilizes indirect drainage. The baskets, along with the guardian drain locks will prevent damage to P-Traps from cabling, prevent clogs, cut down on solid waste, prevent floating rags/bags from blocking pipe exit, prevent blockage in common area/city main lines, and stay green.